Tis’ The Season

I have mentioned before that I volunteer in George’s Kindergarten class. Over the past few weeks, his saintly teacher has been teaching the kids about Hanuka, Kwanzaa, and Christmas. He has loved learning about the different faiths and ways that each person celebrates the holiday season.


I dare say he has learned a great respect for each and every different religion and seasonal celebration as well as holiday traditions around the world. Recently, our state department of education sent letters to all teachers telling them that they can no longer wish students a “Merry Christmas”. So get a load of this…. Today I was in the prep room at our elementary school making a “pin the nose on Rudolph” game for the kindergartners to play next week at their Christmas Party.

The prep room is attached to the library. I overheard our librarian reading to a first-grade class… “and they found the babe, lying in a manger bed…. shepherds, kings, ox, and ass…” I left the prep room and peeked around the corner into the library to see all of the first-grade class sitting in a circle, eyes wide and listening intently.

I was filled with the spirit of the season and the understanding that our children are still learning about the Savior’s birth in school. This probably crosses the line of church and state but honestly, who cares?

They were simply reading a library book to the kids. The teacher and librarian may not have said “Merry Christmas” to our kids… but they sure were teaching them the true meaning of the season! I love every minute of it!

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