Things to Consider before Buying Keurig Model

Keurig coffee machines have been a great demand nowadays. With their extraordinary features and superb results, these coffee makers have recommended and preferred over others. Still, there are many things you need to consider before you get one.

Features to look for

Before you buy a Keurig coffee maker, you should have done a full-fledged research about it and also should have all the information regarding its features. Most of the Keurig models have same features but they vary minutely with respect to one feature to more. Check out Keurig coffee maker reviews, know about the top models and make a pick worth your penny. To make things easy for you here are the must-have features to look out for.


This is very important to know the purpose or the place where you want to keep the coffee maker. Different coffee makers are designed according to different purposes. For example, the coffee maker which is specially designed for a household purpose cannot be used for office or other commercial places. So, you have to choose the suitable model according to your location.

Cup size serving

Keurig coffee maker means single-serve coffee, but you can select from single serve to travel sizes in various models. Simply, you need to see how many people would be using the machine and how many cups would be required per person. Thus, you can choose from the coffee makers which have an option of cup sizes.

Compact and portability

This is an important factor to consider if you have a small kitchen counter. You need to choose the perfect model that can fit on your kitchen counter or cabinet. Some people love to take their coffee machines while traveling thus, it is important for them to look for the portability factor and if it is compact or not.

Keurig Coffee Makers 1

Programmable features

Always in a hurry? But also need your coffee right after you wake up, without wasting any time. Some drip coffee makers have certain programmable features that can brew your coffee even before you wake up, you just need to set the timer and you can save your time.

Silent Models

Most people don’t like the noise coffee makers make while brewing. No worries, some models have a feature called Quiet Brew Technology that brew coffee in silence, hence keeping the entire process as quiet as possible.

Hot water Brewing

There are some Keurig coffee makers that have the option of the hot water dispenser. It means the machine produces hot water within to make the brewing process faster and you are ready for your coffee in no time.


Different Keurig coffee makers offer you different features, and thus they are priced at different rates. Even you are getting a coffee maker with all the features required and is expensive, it is of no use. Thus, what you need to do is consider all the features and aspects you want on your machine along with its affordability.

Water Reservoir Capacity

Models having water reservoir capacity can only brew one cup of coffee, while others have a larger capacity. If you need more than one cup at a time, it is recommended to get a larger capacity model, which is more efficient. On the other hand, some models have a removable water reservoir which can be refilled easily.

Hot water Brewing

Drip Coffee Maker – All You Ought to Know

If you are having a coffee maker, then you have to know all this stuff.


What is the best temperature for coffee brewing?

Generally, experts agree that the perfect temperature for coffee brewing is 200 degrees.  Several dining establishments do not permit the temperature to get too high as a cautious action when a customer spills coffee and gets burned.

What influences the quality of a coffee?  

There are numerous things that can influence the quality of a brewed coffee.  Some things that influence the coffee quality are the standard of coffee beans, the length of time since the coffee beans were roasted, the length of time since the coffee beans were grounded, the water quality used in coffee brewing and the clarity within the brewing apparatus.

How do you clean the coffee maker?

The coffee making appliance should be cleaned every week or as if necessary. Some professionals suggest using water and dish detergent. While some others support running ¾ water and ¼ vinegar through the brewing series 1 or 2 times ensued by running pure water through the series.

In this way, rigid water deposits and other build-ups are eliminated. If you have one from Keurig then there are a lot of resources available online.

Can you use espresso beans in a drip coffee maker?

Definitely yes. There will be no problem using espresso beans in a drip coffee maker.

Even though drip coffee makers all brewed coffee in the same manner, not all drip coffee makers (read reviews here) are created identical.  There are so many versions and designs in the market on and offline which you can select from. The most important thing to do before you purchase your new drip coffee maker, you must do some researchers to make sure that you get out of the best tasting coffee maker of all.