Learning How to Smoke a Chicken on a BBQ Pit

There are endless ways to cook chicken—you can grill, broil, boil, fry, bake and braise. But how about smoking the chicken on a barbecue pit? You can learn how to smoke a chicken on a bbq pit quite easily, and it will give you a wonderful, moist flavor that your whole family will enjoy. Before you learn how to smoke a chicken on a bbq pit, you will need a few essentials.

Backyard BBQ Pit

First, you will need a bbq pit. These are pretty popular now and are quite easy to find. Of course, if you are handy, you may want to get the plans to build one yourself in your backyard. As you begin to learn how to smoke a chicken on a bbq pit, you should remember that there are a wrong way and a right way to do it.

The fire needs to be at the perfect temperature and you will need to watch the chicken. If you are not careful, you will end up with a charred mess, instead of a moist, flavorful meal.

Prepare Chiken

Next, you will need to prepare the chicken. This is a very important step when you smoke a chicken. For the best results, use whole chickens or pieces of chicken, with the bone and skin.

This will keep your chicken moist as it cooks. The skin will hold in the moisture. You will also want to consider marinating the chicken over the night or for several hours. Use your favorite spices such as chili powder, garlic, and salt to give it a good flavor.

There are many great smoked chicken recipes that you can use as you learn how to smoke a chicken on a BBQ pit. When you learn the proper techniques, you will be rewarded with a wonderful meal.

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